MIUI 12 Best Features


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MIUI 12 beat features

Here are some features of  xiaomi MIUI 12 

1.Sleep Tracker

The sleep tracker is another MIUI 12 feature that will help users maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The sleep monitor will track the REM sleep i.e., the time where we are dreaming.

2.New Camera app Features

With this, users can decide which camera options to keep at the forefront. Mi users can keep 2-10 options on the default camera app UI.

     The MIUI 12 Camera app also supports color customization. Mi users can choose yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green as color options. The update also includes four new camera shutter sounds effects — texture camera, art camera, film camera, and vitality camera.

3.Navigation Gestures And Smooth Animations

However, the new MIUI 12 update finally brings it on Xiaomi devices.

Similar to Android 10, users can expect a long thin gesture navigation bar at the bottom of the home screen. Swiping left and right will allow users to switch between the apps. Complementing the new gestures, Xiaomi has also added new animations for app launching and closing and opening the Recents menu.



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