Top 5 browser under 5 mb/

Top 5 Browser under 5mb /best browser for Android

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Guys if you need a best Browser to login secure and fast then these browsers are best for you. These browsers also created by trusted company so lets strt our topic now.

No. 1. Firfox Lite

   Go to play store and download now•
       °details➡Firefox is a great all-around browser for privacy and security. It offers strong privacy protection features, many customization options, excellent security, and regular updates with an active development team.
         Firefox was created in 2002 under the codename "Phoenix" by the Mozilla community members who desired a standalone browser

No 2⃣  jio browser

    This browser is Indian. Jio browser is one of the best and secure browser of India. Jio Browser comes in 4.8MB of size and is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Jio Browser is touted to be a 'fast and lite' Web browsing solution. The browser app is developed by RIL. It supports languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, and Kannada.JanJioBrowser supports 8 Indian languages along with English, so now you can watch your favorite videos in your preferred language.

No 3⃣  web browser(Fast and secured) 

☸Security & privacy ➡All around protection. Private browsing with tracking protection block part of web pages that may track your browsing activity. 

☸Fast and smart ➡ Browsing speed acceleration, fast loading speed, better experience and web connection. 

☸ web browser is smart, secure, lightweight and fast mobile browser. 

 If u want to download go to play store and download now. 
                ☣App size - 3.44 mb

No 4. Pure web browser

Minimalist Design
Simple user interface and convenient settings, no ads, no push, no background services, making the search and browsing experience unimpeded.

Ad Blocker
Super ad blocking, automatically filtering the advertising content during browsing. Help users save traffic, increase battery life, and increase page load speed.

Video Download
Powerful video sniffing capabilities, easy to download web video files when browsing the web.

Screen Capture Graffiti
Easily save screenshots of webpages and provide graffiti editing.

  Pure web browser is a fast and secure browser with powerfull ads blocker and video downloader. This browser is especially  useful for Android user phones that feature lower specification and low storage space. 
       Main feature 🛑

        1⃣ Tiny size
        2⃣ Ad blocker
        3⃣ Video downloader
        4⃣ incognito mode and night mode
        5⃣ screenshot
        6⃣ QR-code scaner 
        7⃣offline webpage 

And more...... 

No5. Private browser

   Private and secure 🔏 browser. Best browser for Android. Private browser is a free browser for Android. 

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